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Rehabilitation Courtyard

The rehabilitation courtyard at Lake Taylor was an exciting project to work on.  The idea of the garden is to give the patients at the hospital an outdoor space where they can get used to using a wheel chair, walker, or a new joint, while being guided by the physical therapist.  There are also exercise stations where they can work on range of motion, stepping over obstacles, and pulling up from a seated position.   We installed a wheel chair ramp so that people new to wheel chairs can practice going up and down access ramps.  The center of the courtyard features a putting green so that patients who have had rotator cuff surgery can improve their range of motion.  The space is filled with useful tools for the therapist to use with the patients, but it is also a beautiful space surrounded by lush green and spectacular colors.  It is a place where the staff can enjoy their lunch or just step outside for a few moments to get away from