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Fall Planting Season is Here!

Fall Planting Season is Here!

Coastal Landscapes and Nursery had 18 acres of beautiful trees and shrubs for sale to the public. Fall is a great time of year to plant. Not only will it get you set for next spring/summer, but it will help your trees be less stressed, and grow more. Here are a few reasons why fall is a great time to plant.

  • After the first frosts, trees become dormant and require less food through young roots.
  • Tree carbohydrates can go directly toward root growth, rather than canopy growth.
  • Mild winters give trees enough growing time to establish root systems that will survive in hot summers. Your tree will suffer less from transplant shock and become established faster.
  • Less water is needed as the cooler weather helps eliminate evaporation. New trees will still need to be watered, but you can water it less than you would have if planted in the spring or summer.

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Make sure you keep young trees well-watered through dry winters. Come by and see our large selection of trees and shrubs!

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