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Winter Landscape Care

Winter Landscape Care Cleanup Tips

Winter Landscape Care Cleanup Tips

Coastal winter landscape care tips. Are you ready for winter? Here are a couple helpful ideas in preparing your landscape for the winter. 

1. Rake leaves from lawn areas so that they don’t suffocate the lawn below.

2. Watch your pine trees. Interior browning and needle drop is normal. If you have all over browning or starts browning on the outer needles you may want to seek the advice of an arborist.

3. Mulch landscape beds. Cutback perennials after the first hard freeze, remove summer annuals, and mulch around the base of the plants. However be sure to not cover the crown of the perennials with mulch, as this can lead to rot.

4. Pruning, dormant prune deciduous and overgrown evergreen trees. Prune dead and crossing branches to prevent disease. Cutback knockout and drift roses as needed.

5. Winterize your irrigation system. Blow-out your system using compressed air to remove all water from the pipes to prevent damage over the winter. Be sure to cover the backflow preventer as well.

6. Wrap palm trees: tightly wrap trunk and fronds with burlap and plastic wrap, so that water and snow can’t get into the center of the tree. Be sure to remove as soon as the weather starts to warm up.

Spring is just around the corner and following these tips will help you be prepared for the upcoming growing season.


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